Cech praises Rafa for Chelsea's defensive organisation

Petr Cech has praised Chelsea interim manager Rafael Benitez after Chelsea played out two consecutive wins without conceding in the Premier League for the first time in 2012.

The Chelsea managers before him were very much attack-minded, in Roberto Di Matteo and Andre Villas-Boas, although Di Matteo did somewhat organise a very profitable counter-attack, based around a solid defence, which in turn brought the Champions League home.

The Chelsea no. 1 said: “We were conceding too many goals, playing really open. Suddenly, we are defending as a team much better, that is the key. Now we are back to our ways when we are difficult to score against.

“I think we need the whole team to defend. We have really attacking-minded players. Sometimes we were not making the right choices in terms of defensive transitions and that is what has improved. We are passing more and organising.”

Cech talks up Rafa’s input so far, adding: “He came with slightly different ideas It’s working so far, and hopefully it will continue. Obviously we have closed the gap on City. This is another positive for us, to keep getting points to get as close as we can to Man United and City.”

One particularly influential change has been the move of David Luiz into the midfield with the Brazilian proving effective in attack and defence.

“He’s very good on the ball and, as well, he is a central defender so you can see how well he defends the space and can be a shield at the back four and when he gets the ball he can be very creative.”

I am glad Chelsea are starting to find some form again, and I hope the team can continue to bond and grow collectively. As for Benitez, his idea’s might be working, but I still hate him. Am I one of few haters left?

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