Cesc Fabregas Vs Mesut Ozil – Who Is The Better Player

When Cesc Fabregas arrived at Chelsea from Barcelona back in June it got football fans all around the globe talking, none more so than Arsenal fans. When it became apparent that Cesc was indeed going to part ways with Barcelona it was widely speculated that he would return to the Emirates as it was no secret that the Spaniard had a buy back clause in his contract that allowed Wenger first option to bring back the midfielder. Wenger instead decided to not activate the clause claiming he was not needed. We talked with Wenger but he said that he would find it difficult to make a place for me on the pitch as Ozil had my position covered.” Fabregas said during a press conference at the World Cup. 

This inaugurated many a debate between Arsenal fans, Fabregas or Ozil? Some fans were discontented with Ozil’s performances during his first season at Arsenal and wanted Fabregas to return while others claimed there was no room and Ozil was the better player. On Monday night Fabregas got his Chelsea career off to a flyer producing a man of the man performance as the blues took apart Burnley. Following the aftermath the debate was once again opened Fabregas or Ozil? There were numerous internet memes floating around social networks depicting Arsenal fans reaction to Fabregas’s glorious assist to Andre Schurrle showcasing them as despondent. Some were still adamant Ozil is superior while others questioned Wengers decision. All the while Chelsea fans were in one corner infatuated with Cesc calming him to be better than Ozil while Arsenal fans were counting down the days for the German to return and outshine the ex Barca man. 

Here’s my take on the argument. To begin with, let’s compare their honours. Ironically they have both won the FA Cup, La Liga, Copa Del Rey, Spanish Super Cup and World Cup. However Fabregas can boast another Spanish Super Cup & La Liga, UEFA Super Cup, Club World Cup, Community Shield and two European Championships with Spain. Were as Ozil a mere DFB Pokal with Werder Bremen. No contest here. Individually Fabregas comes out on top winning thirteen awards compared to Ozil’s six.  

Let’s have a look at some stats. I was going to compare their stats from last season but opted out of that because it’s not fair on Ozil who suffered  a few injuries during the course of the season and thus played fifteen games fewer than Cesc. So to make it as equitable as possible I decided to see how there tallies of the time in Spain looked against each other. Both men spent three years in Spain with Fabregas playing 151 games and Ozil 159. During that time Fabregas managed 48 goals while Ozil managed 27. Ozil got more assist’s though 59 to Fabregas’s 48.  

Make of that what you will. In case you hadn’t picked up on my ambience I’d say Fabreagas and I’ll tell you why. Cesc is more versatile, adaptable and functional than Ozil. The ex Real Madrid man is a number 10 out and out. I mean sure he can play on the wing but not to the same effect as we saw in the World Cup. Cesc however can play as a number eight, four, seven and nine and all to good effect. Away from that Ozil took a lot of deserved criticism last season for his antics off the ball. Too often the German was caught strolling around and was often dubbed lazy. He thrived when he had time and space in Spain but was left wanting in England; Liverpool away a great example. Cesc on the other hand is not all lazy and is willing to get about for the team he has shown he can play in both leagues without any problems. This is why I believe Fabregas is better as he has Ozil’s qualities and more. I feel like Ozil should be compared to the likes of Silva and Mata, were as Fabregas the likes of Schweinstger and Modric. They are different players.

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    Fabregas is better

  3. friday micheal says

    fabrigas & ozi both are good creative mefilder but babrigas move ball faster than ozi

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    Fabregas is better

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    For no argument fab is better

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