Chelsea and Adidas are sticking together

Chelsea started their partnership with Adidas back in 2006 and are now halfway through their present 8-year contract, but as the quality of the merchandise supplied is extremely popular, there is no reason why they could not remain in close contact for the forseeable future.

As Herbert Hainer from Adidas said at the time: “Adidas has a policy of working with the very best and we believe Chelsea Football Club represents just that,”

“Like Adidas, they are a driving force in the game with a long and proud heritage. Adidas has a passion for football and we believe that this shared outlook will enable us to build a long and successful partnership.”

In the last four years Chelsea have continually won trophies and their famous Double success last season has made them even more of a global brand. And it follows that as Chelsea progresses so does Adidas, and sales of Chelsea Shirts and Adidas trainers have gradually risen all over the world through the life of the contract so far.

Hopefully Chelsea’s success will continue to grow in the next four years of the Adidas contract, and more and more trophies will end up in the Stamford Bridge cabinet. This will ensure that youngsters the world over will be drawn to support the mighty Blues until they become the biggest and best club in the world.

As long as Chelsea remain successful, Adidas will be more than willing partners for many years to come….

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  1. Basil Abelega says

    we need them bother, who knows one might not perform well.

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