Chelsea captain John Terry voted into Top Ten Greatest Leaders in the world ever!

John Terry - a great leader!
John Terry - a great leader!

The Chelsea captain John Terry has surprisingly been included in the Top Ten all-time greatest leaders in the world in a “Youth of Today” poll organized by the Prince’s Trust.

He is the only Sportsman that made the list and i think he would be extremely flattered to be mentioned in the same breath as some others in the Top Ten, like Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela, but maybe not with the X-Factor judge Simon Cowell!

The full list is:
Rev Martin Luther King
Barack Obama
Nelson Mandela
John Terry
Mother Theresa
Joanna Lumley
Henry VIII
Alan Sugar
Simon Cowell

The poll was taken as part of a new government campaign to turn our youths into leaders, and a good result to come from the poll was that over 70% of youngsters said that they were more likely to be inspired by someone they knew than by a celebrity, in fact two thirds of them said that celebrities are usually BAD examples!

John Terry, the Chelsea and England captain said: “It can be tough for young people at the moment. Projects like this that develop self-esteem and leadership ability are really important.”

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