Chelsea confident in race to sign Alexis Sanchez

The battle for this summers top transfer target Alexis Sanchez looked like a three-way fight between Man City, Man Utd and Barcelona, but today it is being revealed that the new Chelsea boss Andre Villas-Boas has asked Roman Abramovich to interve and match the £36m offer from Manchester City.

According to the News of the World today, Villas-Boas intends to make a personal call to Udinese to try and hijack Roberto Mancini’s big money offer, but it is believed that the player hmself is not keen on moving to the Eastlands.

The NOTW quotes a source as saying: “Sanchez feels backed into a corner by City and Udinese purely because of money.

“He thought a deal to Barcelona was done until City moved in. But he doesn’t feel City have the same pedigree as Chelsea and he is excited about working with Villas-Boas.”

If this is true and Chelsea sign both Falcao and Sanchez, Villas-Boas will certainly have a formidable squad to begin his first ever assault on the Premiership title.

  1. Chelsearocks... says

    Chelsea should get falcao, alexis, and young left back, a good attacking midfielder eg pastore,modric or sneijer and experienced right back,..sell essien, drogba, anelka, malouda, bosingwa,.zhikov, also loan josh, mikel, and daniel sturrage till january!..time to teach barcelona and manchester a lesson

  2. Wizzyblack says

    Good news!
    Should we sign there two players,we re still missing sometin which is the creativity in our midfield,Chelsea fans will be more than happy if we can get Westly Sneigder or Luka Modric.

  3. Alan Frank says

    Because Sanchez can play on either wing or off of the main striker he is like buying two players in one. Chelsea have not had such a skilfull, industrious and influential player in the team since Zola. Besides Messi himself, Sanchez is the ONE player that is available in World football today that could transform this very good Chelsea team into a really great team. For these reasons I hope Roman blows City, United and Barca out of the water to get the lad. At 22 he is a genius and with his best years still to come. Pulling the strings for players like Drogba, Torres and Falcao, Chelsea would be the only team to live with this current Barca side in Europe and would certainly see us a favourites to win the Premiership title back. If Chelsea were to get Sanchez I also think it would be good for AVB to retain Danny Sturridge next term and have 4 main strikers to rotate and mix n match. Drogba, Torres, Falcao and Sturridge all champing at the bit to finish off the chances that Sanchez WOULD create would definately see attacking options not available to any other Premiership team and options that would frighten the life out of opposition teams. Let us just pray that this story (via NOTW) has substance and truth about it as Sanchez is a Chelsea legend in waiting. For those of you that may feel this is an over the top opinion, can I just say that I saw Alexis Sanchez play for Udinese in Serie A last term on 12 occassions and to liken him to Lionel Messi is NO EXAGERATION! Imagine Messi stepping into this current Chelsea squad to feed players like Falcao, Drogba, Torres and even Danny Sturridge and you get the picture.

  4. Egege Sam says

    Ok thats okay, having Sanchex n Falcao (South american swagg) In our team.
    But where’s the Playmaker for the Midfield?

  5. Flekzyboi(blues4life) says

    Chelsea shuld run fast nd gt dis guy nd live dis so called neymar,if we can get sanchez,falcao nd maybe sneilder or modric,van der weil.chelsea will be the team 2 beat nxt season.

  6. Odinaka says

    As wizyblack said what we are missing more in our squad is a creative midfilder such as luka & sneider so we the fans are looking to see one of these player before the pre-season game star and we are goin to be more than happy if we can see someone like falcoa & sanchez in our mise.

  7. Chelsearocks... says

    Chelseafc,we need to sell players that are 30yrs and above or allow them play only in carlin cup or fa cup,..but the premier league and champions, we need young legs on the pitch!…get alexis!

  8. John otsoge says

    This is good news i just hope the deal turns out to be for real.

  9. Chima says

    I think wizyblak is rite when u hav ur tyer,ur engine but hav no fuel,u wil see u cant go any where wit ur car until u buy fuel 4 ur car.we need creative midfielder like modric or sneijder to keep movin ahead of the league,pls try nd get one no time to waste.

  10. omale andrew says

    l am very happy abt d news, but l want dis to happene as soon as possible before d pre- season start. A lot of rumor has been said in d paper bt l wht somethings 2 be done fast. Blue 4 life

  11. Chel fan says

    Would hav belived if the source was not NEWS OF DA WORLD…

  12. Charlsea says

    Why waste that much money in buying Alexis Sanchez. Don’t get me wrong, he is very good but use that cash to get Eden Hazard. If he is not available, wait for another season. He is alot better than Alexis Sanchez. Focus on the midfield, where we lack creativity. Don’t forget, we still have Kakuta and Sturridge, who can prove to be successful in the wings.

  13. Mike says

    We need Sanchez.If i was Mr Abramovic,i’d jump @ every chance to sign him.

  14. China Nwa Absu. says

    I see i great Chelsea team next season and i pity some teams because they must collect…

  15. Chinachioma says

    Chelsea will kiss ppl this season i bet you

  16. Obinna says

    i think that chelsea should sign falcao and modric and Alexis Sanchez and he will good for them to win uefc ok
    Thanks, pls let Drogba to go and also anelka so that all the strike can player the ball every well ok.

    bye obinna

  17. Madubuko Alexander-absu says

    I think with sanchez,falcao and modric or pastore chelsea will be a formidable force to deal with in this coming season.

  18. Imolite says

    We dont ned anelka, kalou nd drogba anymor, let dem go besides drogba couses al d misfortun 2 al our strikers wit his juju as an africa man. A case study of chevy, pizaro ne even torres so let him go nd bring new young stars.

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