Chelsea could be £13.68m better off on Friday!

It is likely that Chelsea are going to be awarded £13.68m in compensation from Adrian Mutu on Friday when the final ruling on his appeal will be announced.

Mutu was signed for £15m in 2003 but just a year later he was tested positive for cocaine, sacked by Chelsea and given a seven month ban from football.

Chelsea sued for compensation from the Romanian international, and FIFA handed down their biggest fine ever and awarded Chelsea the £13.68 in compensation for the lost transfer fee. But Mutu appealed (wouldn’t you!) and is now hoping to have the award reduced or rescinded. This is very unlikely, but he has the backing of Fifpro, the international players’ union.

They issued this statement: “When the same offence would have been committed by a player in possession of an English passport, then this player wouldn’t have had to pay any damages at this dismissal, since the FA Premier League rules do not provide this.

“For this reason this can be considered as discrimination based on nationality.

“It is extremely strange that a player who is dismissed by a club must pay damages based on the transfer amount previously paid for him, whilst he has had no control whatsoever on the amount of this fee.”

It will be very interesting to hear the final decision, but if anyones interested it will be announced tomorrow morning around 11.30 and i will have the result published here.

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