Chelsea do want Cavani but is £54m too much?

Sky Sports are reporting that Chelsea are fighting with PSG for the signature of Uruguayan striker Edinson Cavani. Cavani scored 38 goals in all competitions last season for Napoli, and his record of 104 goals in 138 games is staggeringly good. However, Napoli are so far refusing to budge on their release clause figure of €63 million Euro, the equivalent of almost £54 million pounds.

PSG have reportedly lodged a bid of £43 million, but it is unlikely to be enough. Napoli don’t need to sell, and they will hold out for as close to that release clause as possible. It would be most surprising to see Cavani go in to the new season at Napoli, and while he would be a fantastic addition to any team, the question is whether he is worth such a staggering amount of money?

Cavani’s record is beyond reproach. He is a remarkable player, but does he justify the remarkable price-tag? Unfortunately, it depends which way you look at it. When Andy Carroll and Fernandinho are £35 million pound players, Cavani’s price seems reasonable. However, compare it to the £2 million Swansea paid for Michu or the £10 million United paid for Hernandez and it seems grossly inflated. That is the problem with these astronomical fees being considered – the amount any club is willing to pay is directly influenced by how much they require the player. So do we need Cavani?

Honestly, any team needs Cavani. He is one of the best in the world, and he would score bucket-loads at Stamford Bridge. Do I think we should pay it? Not necessarily. Signing Cavani means limited time for Lukaku, Torres and Ba. While it might not surprise me to see Ba move somewhere else this summer, Lukaku’s development is not best served by Cavani’s arrival. Similarly, it acknowledges that we have given up on Torres becoming the player we know he should be.

Replacing one £50 million pound striker with another is very exciting as a fan, but being completely honest, I’d rather we didn’t sign him right now. £54 million on the Uruguayan is the kind of transfer we’ve got used to making, but the point of Mourinho’s return is to build a dynasty – a legacy. That is far better accomplished by developing the players we have. Cavani could well guarantee instant success, but is it the right move for the club? I’m not so sure. He would improve us, but at what cost?

Tell us, would you sign Cavani for £54 million pounds?

  1. Prince Daniel says

    My name is Prince Daniel I based in Togo,I am a powerful Chelsea fan and i am not supporting Chelsea to sign Cavani with such amount of money,As you can see what happen to us in Torres signing,Chelsea sign Torres with 50 Million and he did not play anything to us,instead Mounriho should sign Rooney he is a powerful striker and he is experienced more than Cavani.

  2. ben ejike says

    I will like to see cavani at chelsea

  3. David Wood says

    Yes. Chelsea is currently a top-class team without a top class striker, and, if we are going to win the premiership next season, we need Cavani

  4. Gido says

    Never. I’ld rather lure lewandowski to come to chelsea while we’ll pay less for him

  5. Gido says

    Cavani is very expensive

  6. Jose Williams says

    That guy a good… Simply good.
    But your question is, ‘Would u sign cavani for 54million pounds?’
    My answer is ‘no I won’t’


    no l wont pay that money is tomarch …..we can pay 49

  8. Ade Sam says

    I’ve always like this site the way it’s break dwn stories. My question is wuld the world end for chelsea wthout cavani? I dnt think so have we learn 4rm Tores flop? Payng £50m nd gained nthing. For me, whch I also belief Roman ll nt sign cavani for that amount. Let stick wth Ba, Lukaku nd Tores. I strngly belief that Ba ll deleiver this season even Tores I ve never lost my faith in him.

  9. Ov says

    We need a top class striker but we shouldn’t be held to extortionate prices. cash plus torres would be ideal but not likely to happen.

  10. amitosh says

    BVB bought a striker for just 13M and they will sell Lewa now, Chelsea should best go for him. Team have enough good mid-fielders and Lewa will be damn good along with Lakuku/Torres/Ba, if we can get good fee we can think to sell the later 2. Now, we need a GK to back Cheh up, may be a young 4th choice CB and we are complete

  11. denning says

    No doubt, edinson is a great striker, but the ammount for that player is sumthing else, I really cnt bliv that was what we actually wasted on torres signing. Am a nigerian and that price ammounts to 15 billion naira. Hahahahaha, hell no, let’s take lewandowski or let lukaku, torres and Ba lead the frontlines!

  12. mbrom says

    tht amn’t is to’o much i prefer we go 4 lewa

  13. OLHATO says

    If we said we should use one child 2 compare another, we i’i beat one death. my advice is that they should try 2 buy cavani mayb it can collect league 4 us.

  14. adebola says

    Let’s keep focus on cavani, incase they accept lower offer, but if No, then, we can settle down with Torres,Ba and Lukaku, or Micheal Emenalo should scourt for striker in Brazil league

  15. tariku dugo says

    cavani is the key man for chelsea

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