Chelsea gain upper hand over Man Utd in race for Eden Hazard

Both Chelsea and Man United are in a bidding war for the Lille midfielder Eden Hazard, and there have been rumours that Alex Ferguson has already trumped Chelsea’s £25m bid with a £30m bid of their own.

The Belgian wizard has already made it clear that he is leaving Lille at the end of the season, and his agent has admitted that a move to either Chelsea or Man utd could not fail to interest his client, but first the price would have to be agreed with Lille who are well aware of his value.

A source close to Hazard was quoted as saying recently: “England isn’t exactly a million miles away, so it wouldn’t be any great upheaval.

“It all depends on the project put to Eden and the ambition he senses from whoever he is talking to. Real like him, and he likes them but, as with any player, he would view Manchester United as an great opportunity.

“If Roman Abramovich really is providing funds to take Chelsea back to the top again, then they would be interesting, as well. He would consider that, for sure.”

Now today it is being reported that Chelsea have already come to an agreement on personal terms with Hazards agent, and they now simply have to make sure that they give Lille what they want (i.e. more than Man Utd!) and the dream signing could be theirs.

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  1. Vincent says

    AVB please give Lille what they want and bring in this guy if your sincere in your revolutionary moves.

  2. gbolahan says

    pls stop giving people high blood pressure concerning this hazard’s story sure it a lie.

  3. Golden says

    Please AVB if you want to sign this guy sign him and stop given us fable story. i wounder why any player will want to sign must be make known to the public.

  4. hardekunlea says

    A.V.B if u want to sign diz guy hurry up and sign him,,,,plz dont give us rumour or speculation about him…..
    Orelse bid for jovetic of florentina instead of hazard

  5. Adewale says


  6. John says

    Come on Andre get it signed and sealed

    Cahill to replace Alex

    Hazard to replace Anelka

    Thats just the start of the revolution

  7. fran says

    Pls avb sign dis guy hazard so he can help reduce the load on mata

  8. Nelmac says

    Pls A.v.b try as much as u can to sign hazard to help us pls . UP THE BLUEZ.

  9. Wes says

    For AVB to take Chelsea back to the top He should dig deeper into the Chelsea pockets n give out smethin reasonable.

  10. Emmanuel says

    AVB i never want ur job on the line n i never wanted us,the club to slip out of champ league both now n next season so go out n revamp chelsea as it is part of ur plan. God help u.

  11. Kissy says

    Cm on avb sign dis guy if d cash is dere and stop telling d world who 2 buy

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