Chelsea given fresh hope by Pep Guardiola

Good news for Chelsea, but not so good for Roberto Di Matteo, is the news coming out of Spain that Barcelona’s departing manager Pep Guardiola, may be willing to manage another team next year.

The 41-year old manager has been with Barcelona for four years and orchestrated the most successful period in the club’s history. He had told the Spanish press that he needed a year out of football, and has been succeeded by his assistant Tito Vilanova.

Tonight, Pep coaches Barcelona for the last time in the Spanish cup final. Speaking before the match, he said “For the next month I have to charge my batteries. I will rest and I will wait. I will be ready, if one club wants me, if they seduce me, I will train again.”

Roman Abramovich is known to be a great fan of Guardiola’s and is believed to have already sounded him out. Maybe something he said has changed his mind. If we can persuade Guardiola to come, who’s next? Messi?

  1. MikeInas says

    Alberto di matteo will be very upset if pep gardiola sign as a chelsea manager.. Di matte deserve happiness becaus he has brings so much happiness in stamford bridge and all cfc fans

  2. ubong Idiok says

    pep would be a good addition as far as rebuilding is concerned. Di Matteo has done a good work, but still all went down to the word ‘luck’… On a long term, dat could easily run out

  3. Craig says

    Even though I like RDM, I’d rather see Pep in charge of Chelsea next season.

  4. Godwin says

    We better don’ make a mistake dat we take another 5yrs to recover from

  5. Nkycharles says

    I dont like Di matteo,let him leave,gud he win champion league by luck 4 us,givin us history 2 remember,i want pep to be our new manager.

  6. Leo says

    All the respect to Di Matteo, ALL the respect! And even though I like him a lot, I do not think he is ready YET to manage Chelsea. I just hope if we do part with Di Matteo, that we part in a good way so that the door is still open when he is ready to return in the future. Give hime a couple of years to manage other big teams and get experience. And then we can hand Chelsea into his hands without being nervous!

  7. Olamijide says

    Pep my foot. Why are u guys an ingrate? He’s done it all 4 Chelsea let him i.e RDM enjoy d fruit of his labour. I LOVE U RDM

  8. samson says

    I think RDM should be in the position to eat the fruit of is labour he is the Man God as sent to Chelsea through AVB so please let him be… pep my foot as a Nigeria all Nigerian give support you RDM ride on Man

  9. Bukola says

    Guardiola can never succeed in chelsea.i am a chelsea fan 2d core.(1.)he is nt good in transfer market.(2)it is nt easy 2change d style of playing of a club.chelsea’s style of play is quite difrent 4rm dat of barca.(3)guardiola is nt special,he succeded in barca jst bcos he had d materials(players) already which di matteo can easily do wt such players.give di matteo a chance 2buy d type of players he needed,behold,he wil win d champion’s league bak 2 bak.

  10. chainar says

    Mr Abrahmovic n chelsea board shud b very careful about thier decision now bcos RDM knows d type of player n ball we ar playing in chelsea n shud also enjoy d fruit of his labour.I kno dat PEP can not doing anytin at chelsea if we appoint let RDM be n fire chelsea on. up chelsea up RDM

  11. tonye brown says

    pep shd rest..we have a God send.. let he enjoy is good works..

  12. abayneh aringa says

    RDM did good and z respect shoold be given,but i prefer to pep;he will do best!

  13. Fabrice Aq says

    Roberto Di Matteo is the ryt man for Chelsea. If Roman Abramovich pay him evil 4 gud chelsea will neva smell the UCL…

  14. mike says

    Rdm has don a great job i dont beleive in big names manager becouse they have fail in stamford brige, even they make pep the new manager i dont think he can succed if the players dont like him, he is a good coach i know dat likewis to ancelloti,avb but they did not make it becouse the players dont like them, i think all the players in chelsea like rdm y not give him d job and his salary wil not be dat much pls chelsea chiarman u peaple need to think well b4 what happen to avb wil happen to pep. Goodluck to chelsea until we meet next season.

  15. nancy says

    RDM leading chelsea through was realy a miracle. God realy did it for chelsea. I think to give Pep d manager wil bring more honour to chelsea lets not be sentimental.

  16. Tommy4money says

    Congratulations 2 all chelsea fans & england in general,i want 2 start by saying dat chelsea winning d cl is God favor &prayers 4rm we d fan. Di mateo or not if God says yes dat is all,so let us reason & tink of d future futball defending 4 90mins is not a game of entertainment.This is y avb was appted in d 1st plc,let b realistic i beliv we chls fan want beatiful futbl like odar clubs dat is y chelsea need a manager dat can provide dat & can make chelsea compitative in future of football.

  17. bobbo says

    i think you are a very wise man
    all power to RDM

  18. Tohode doji says

    Roberto di mateo should remain chelsea fc manager for three season, rdm is the right man for us.

  19. Triple k says

    Roberto di mateo should remain in charge of chelsea boss , he brought a fighting wining spirit to the team, he has a good relationship with the players allowing them to play what they have in mind. The club owner should allow the man to continue doing his good work what others could not achieve he achieve it in a couple of months.

  20. Triple k says

    I love blues!

  21. Morgan says

    RDM and Chelsea didn’t win by Luck like some people want to emphasize it. Even if Robben had scored from the spot kick, Chelsea would have equalized. Against Barca coming from two goals down with ten men & a makeshift defense is no luck but right tactics and efficiency with less traditional wing play (MAN U & ARSE) style.

  22. Okieez says

    Ya!….i think robeto di mattio should be given d job…coz chelsea is chelsea n no1 can change dat……for instance obi as a male…is a boy….n neva will obi b a girl…obi…can only get matured to a man still a male…relate dat to chelsea; chelsea pattern of play can only b mordenized……but can’t be changed entirely….solari,anceloti n avb all tried it it didn’t work…..n moreover RDM is a chelsea legend …..just as DD wanna become….n robeto knw d pattern of play of chelsea…….so i think giving him dat position as d manager of chelsea will b a gud tin dat has every happen to him n chelsea…..remember guyz u reap what u sow….so let us all give him a massive support….1 love to all my bluez fanz i love ya’ all.

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