Chelsea have evidence to get a transfer ban overturned?

Chelsea believe that they have enough evidence to get the transfer ban by FIFA overturned, according to a report in todays News of The World.

The article said: CHELSEA will produce evidence from the FA which they claim can clear their name in the Gael Kakuta ‘tapping up’ controversy.

The club are still waiting for FIFA to explain why they were given a double transfer window ban before launching their appeal.

And a major plank of Chelsea’s defence is that the FA authorised international clearance for Kakuta after consultation with the French authorities.

Chelsea wrote to the FA two years ago asking for clarification of Kakuta’s position at Lens before making a move for the talented teenager. Lens claim Kakuta had signed an ‘aspirant’ contract to agree professional terms at the French club.

But an investigation from the French FA could not confirm that was the case and wrote to Football Association giving international clearance to sign Kakuta.

It is this authorisation which will form part of Chelsea’s evidence in their appeal.

During last month’s FIFA arbitration meeting which found against Chelsea, the French FA claimed they HAD subsequently discovered evidence Kakuta had signed a pre-contract.

A Chelsea source said: “There is a vastly experienced administrative team at the club who have dealt with these siuations over many years and to suggest Chelsea would ride rough-shod over these regulations is ridiculous.

“The club received international clearance from the French authorities which gave them permission to approach Kakuta.”

Chelsea were also fined 130,000 but this is a set figure to cover Lens’ ‘training solidarity’ losses after Kakuta left their academy.

FIFA’s explanation is due this week and Chelsea officials will study it closely before deciding on their next move.

Why has it taken so long for FIFA to give Chelsea the explanation? Surely if they had all the evidence when they issued the ban, they should have passed it on to Chelsea immediately?

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