Chelsea Headhunter jailed for 22 months (video)

The Chelsea Headhunters used to be one of the most feared Hooligan groups in the land, and it seems they are still going strong, according to a report in today’s Mirror.

Last year in February they attacked a mob of Cardiff fans, and it seems that one of the “leaders” of the group. Andy “Nightmare” Frain was given 22 months jail for his part in the battle, and six others were given lighter sentences.

The report went on to say: A Met policeman’s jaw was smashed during the fight in which CCTV footage showed Frain waving thugs towards rival Cardiff City fans.

Frain, of Chelmsford, Essex, had admitted violent disorder at Isleworth crown court.

So far, 64 supporters from both sides in the fifth round FA cup violence have been banned from grounds.

Judge Edmunds said Frain, who has 37 convictions, had a “dreadful record”.

Here is a video from the police evidence that was used against the defendants…

  1. wisesageknowledge says

    wow, didn’t know there were still places like that on earth.

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    Futbol fanz!..wel,is nt like ds in naija despite our level of interest..blues 4 life!

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