Chelsea make serious moves to recover Adrian Mutu's debt

After many many years of court battles, Chelsea won the right to £14m compensation from Adrian Mutu, who was an expensively bought striker who was summarily dismissed after he was found to be playing while under the influence of cocaine.

But the little Romanian has refused to cough up the money, so Chelsea are using every legal means at their disposal to try and claw some of it back. I found this short article in the Daily Mail yesterday.

They said: Chelsea have launched a court battle in America to seize three luxury properties owned by former striker Adrian Mutu as they chase him for £14.6million over breach of contract.

Mutu, 31, was booted out of the Barclays Premier League club after testing positive for cocaine in 2004.

Earlier this year he lost his final appeal and was ordered to pay the amount by a Swiss court. He has yet to make a payment.

I hope they take him for everything they can get. He recovered and went on to build a brilliant career, and Chelsea didn’t even get a transfer fee!

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