Chelsea Need To Stop Relying On Abramovich

If reports are true that Chelsea will be seeking to balance their books by selling some of their more senior players then I think Chelsea are moving in the right direction. Abramovich has spent millions building several different teams but it can’t go on for ever.

Whether because he simply doesn’t want the club to become an endless money pit or with an eye on the financial fair play rules being brought in by UEFA, it is in their own interest that Chelsea learn to not rely on Abramovich. As we’ve seen with other clubs there is no telling when financial backers can grow bored with their investment and decide to sell up.

A first step towards that goal would be to balance the amount of money that is spent and earned on transfers. With £75 million spent on two players this transfer window it is only right to try and recoup at least some of that money through the sale of other players.

And with many of Chelsea’s star players on the wrong side of 30 now is a better time than ever to make the squad younger and capable of fighting for trophies in the long term, especially in light of the new UEFA rules and the always fickle nature of billionaire football club owners.

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