Chelsea players upset at bonus cuts

Roman Abramovich’s cutbacks are certainly taking their toll at Chelsea as the Russian billionaire is trying to make the club profitable. It seems that he has now cut everyone’s incentives so they only get paid out if Chelsea WIN something. Coming second doesn’t get a reward any more.

The Sun reports a “Chelsea insider” as saying: “The players are furious and there is a huge row going on behind the scenes.

“They’re champions and are rewarded with a pay cut – it’s hardly a great way to motivate them.

“It was a big shock and they’re not happy. Now they’re going into the season under a cloud.”

“They thought it was it was just a normal pre-season meeting.

“But instead they were told it was all change and most of the bonuses they’d enjoyed had been scrapped or reduced.”

So the question is: Will it affect the players adversely? Or will it make them even more determined to WIN?

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