Chelsea rumours 3rd Aug – Aguero, Ribery and Pirlo!

The Daily Mail (as always) comes up trumps with the most ridiculous rumour of the day.

Roman Abramovich plans £100m Chelsea spending spree for Andrea Pirlo, Franck Ribery and Sergio Aguero

With just one week to go before the Community Shield at Wembley, they reckon that Chelsea are now going to make their move to get a “marquee” signing, which could not possibly be Andrea Pirlo!

The 30-year-old Pirlo may well have been Man-of-the-Match in the 2006 World Cup Final, and won as many titles with AC Milan as Ancelotti has, but he is not worth bothering about at the crazy valuation coming out of Italy.

If Ancelotti wants Abramovich to throw away £25m, and the Russian agrees, then my estimation of both men will be seriously downgraded.

As for Ribery and Aguero, Yes most Chelsea fans would not turn down the chance to see such brilliant talents in the squad, but as usual, the question remains: Who will make room for Ribery?

We already have more than enough top class midfielders, and if Pirlo and Ribery come in, that will make (with Zhirkov and Lampard), the whole new diamond formation, with a hell of a lot of brilliant players left on the bench.

No, i can’t see that happening.

Aguero, though, is probably worth buying. Even though the surly Anelka ended last season with the Golden Boot, he has never really won over the Chelsea supporters. Yes he can score goals, but a clinical finisher he is certainly not! But as a foil to Drogba he should be perfect. If Aguero comes in then he will be relegated to the role of supersub, and he will be even more miserable!

So, in conclusion, Ribery and Aguero ARE great players, and will be brilliant to watch, but it would cause so much unrest in the dressing room it may be detrimental to Chelsea’s search for success.

And, finally, we all know that rumours in the Daily Mail are just crazy anyway, which makes it all the more unlikely to happen!

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