Chelsea rumours: Aug 16th – Aguero, Bosingwa, Ribery, Essien and Shevchenko

No matter that Carlo Ancelotti has said that there won’t be any more arrivals this summer, and no matter that Bayern Munich have said that Jose Bosingwa will not be joining them, the Sunday papers continue to make up stories to fill there pages!

The latest one is that Chelsea have offered Bosingwa and £40m to Bayern Munich in exchange for Franck Ribery. I don’t know who makes up these stories, but maybe they read my article yesterday where i said that as Munich have said that Bosingwa isn’t going there, does that mean that Chelsea won’t get Ribery! Anyway, for the reasons i previously stated, this one is just NOT going to happen.

Now for Aguero, i have said that i would love to see this young Argentinian at Chelsea. And after Anelka’s usual 5 minutes of skill every ninety minutes played, i would even go so far as to say we need Aguero to come, but Abramovich will not pay the £50m price, nor the rumoured £200,000 a week wages he would demand. So its probably about time that the press gave up on that one too.

The Turkish press probably print more rubbish than the Spanish and English media put together, but i really hope that the rumour that Shevchenko is in talks with Fenerbahce are true. We really need to get rid of him as i think he will only be a disruptive influence in the dressing room, i really can’t see him getting his form back, even if we only play him in the Carling Cup. I may be wrong, but thats my opinion, so i hope he goes.

What about Essien getting knocked back by Burnley as a lad? Burnley owner Brendan Flood said: “I discovered Michael Essien had been on trial here for a few days,”.

“One of the best players in the World Cup – and we hadn’t signed him.

“The club policy meant we wouldn’t pay an apprentice more than 60 quid a week.

“It smacked me in the face that the problem was a lack of communication within the club that stopped our youth guys making an exception to the rule.”

Hmmm, but how would they know he would turn into such a big star? Oh if we all had reliable crystal balls, we’d all be rich Brendan!

Well, thats it for today. Not a lot worth talking about to be honest and especially we won’t be mentioning some rumour that Arsenal scored six goals at Everton. There are some thing i just refuse to believe!

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