Chelsea rumours May 2nd – Lampard, Hernandez, Joe Cole and David Villa

Just for a change, none of the Chelsea transfer rumours in the Sunday papers make any mention of Sergio Aguero. Since it was reported in midweek that it was a “done deal”, there has been no mention at all. Hopefully no news is good news!

But there is the spectre of Jose Mourinho looming again, with the Mail predicting that Jose Mourinho will join Real Madrid this summer, and will immediately launch a bid to sign Frank Lampard.

A “source” told the Mail: ‘Mourinho has always loved Frank, who would have to think long and hard if he was asked to sign for him at Real Madrid.

‘Frank’s phenomenal scoring record from midfield would have to be attractive to Real. ‘This would be the one move Frank might find too tempting to ignore. In many ways, it would be a great way for him to finish his career after the World Cup this summer.’

Considering Lampard turned down a move to join Inter when The Special One called last time, I think it’s unlikely he will leave Chelsea now.

Joe Cole seems to be in all the papers this morning, and the out-of-contract striker has been variously linked with Arsenal (Express), Man Utd (Telegraph) and West Ham (Mirror). Personally I think he is more likely to rejoin Harry Redknapp at Tottenham if he is forced to leave, but I hope that Abramovich makes him a good offer to stay.

David Villa is the big name being linked with Chelsea today, but the Mail seems to think that he is more likely to join Barcelona at a price of £30m. I am sure if he was that cheap there would be a lot of competition from others including Man Utd. Every year the papers say that Valencia are in financial trouble and will be forced to sell their top players, but every year the same thing happens. Nothing!

Chelsea are also linked with another Valencia player, the winger Pablo Hernandez. The 25 year-old has had a brilliant season and has broken into the Spain international side this year, and according to the News of the World, Chelsea are considering an £18m bid for him.

His agent, Mario Parri said: “Pablo has had such a sensational year. There is talking to be done at the end of the season and while there has been interest from many clubs, Valencia have received no formal offers yet.”

That sounds to me like he is looking for an improved contract, and is trying to drum up interest so that he can ask for more money. Or perhaps he could be Joe Cole’s replacement?

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