Chelsea sign Porto's Falcao!

The Blues didn’t waste any time after confirming that Andre Villas-Boas has taken over at Stamford Bridge, and they have immediately given him his favourite striker Radamel Falcao as a welcoming present.

The Portugese footy paper Correio da Manha reports that the prolific striker has agreed a deal worth £100,000 a week to rejoin his old boss at Chelsea.

Chelsea will have to pay Porto the buyout clause in his contract which is 30million euros, which won’t be a problem for Roman Abramovich, and the purchase will leave the way clear for Real Madrid to buy Chelsea’s other main striking target, Neymar from Santos.

Porto themselves have already lined up Falcao’s replacement as it is being reported that Maritino’s Kleber is set to join them from Brazil, after the Portugese giants were cleared of tapping-up charges in January.

  1. Bluekid says

    Wow! Good news for chelsea fans. I hope villas de boas doesnt make the mistake of accumulating too many stars. Let him sell some like anelka. Kalou lampard, malouda, bosingwa and fereira

  2. Gary Sampson says

    It will be very sad if Chelsea take Falcao instead of Neymar. Thats a big step backwards.

  3. Shauntero says

    Press club and their rumours! Are u now chelseafc official site to announce signin 4 us? Pls blue fans dnt b excitd abt any proposed signing until it is officialy announced lest u get a high bp 4rm al these rumour mongers.

  4. Sebastian says

    they should NOT sell kalou!,, sell anelka, ferreira, bosingwa, zhirkov and MAYBE alex. Keep lampard, malouda, drogba, and kalou

  5. Shauntero says

    It will be very sad if Chelsea take
    Falcao instead of Neymar. Thats
    a big step backwards.
    Do u knw dat d worst tin dat can hapen to chelsea nw wil b to buy in anoda ego dt wil increase to dressing room havoc. As young as Neymar is,his ego is far much annoying compared to dat of our much bigger boys(didier,lamps,cech,terry,cole) n dat is wat we dnt need at chelsea now.We need players who wil cum n play 4 d team n nt 4 themselves.Neymar no doubt is a talent bt an unproven one.Falcao,75 goals in 83 games 4 porto jst in 2 seasons.Comon! dts nt bad.Afta al futball these days is more of wining games n nt abt gud plays.In my opinion,Neymar shld fuck off moreova d kid doesnt want to cum to cfc bt d grounds of madrid.Why worry ourselves over him?

  6. Tourhouse says

    Speak English you dick! Dat and dis bollocks

  7. Bluekid says

    a good start 4 AVB; bt he shld offload d ageing material.

  8. Mike says

    Far better with Facao dan Torres.The fella was expensive for nothing.Let de new guy tap in goals like Didier at his pick.Drogba,even when you leave CFC,thumbs up coz u r a Chelsea legend and at de center of its history and achievements.

  9. Foggy says

    So 3 similar strikers in Drogba, Torres and Falcao.
    Looks like Drogba is on his way out.

    Where is the right winger?
    Creative midfielder?
    Right Back?

    Those are the players Chelsea need, not anotfher goal poacher.

    If there wont be any Neymar deal, then please bring in Arda Turan, or Hazard- maybe even Taarabt. Some players who are comfortable on the ball. Players who are unpredictable, who take opponents on.

  10. adis says

    chelsea do not need falcao, there are torres, sturridge, kalou, etc.. neymar would be better option but….

    if AVB wants to buy someone from Porto Hulk is the best option and only one suitable…

  11. baba blue says

    Come on fans who is this Fucking so called Neymar?infact if Chelsea should sign this guy am going to log out of the club fans cause I don’t see anything special about him.when the likes of Pastos,Williams,mata,shachez even Osaze Odewenge are there why wasting time on him.please let follow the step of Man U and Barcelona in time of transfer shopping list.i don’t think we still need Lukaku when Falcao is already on the Blue shirt.Shakur say so.

  12. jibol says

    i will love villa buas to pls sale kalou for criticizing fellow team mate and failing to break into main team and also the so called ego’s in the team including the aged once. Drogba, Malouda, Anelka, Bosinga, Zhikov

  13. Jojo koboko says

    If like buy pharao nt falcao.,dis EPL.home of lesson,verry soon u we sack ur new coach,coz tins we hard 4 hm.

  14. Gbenga ogunbode says

    All chelsea fans shud b hapi 4 d aquisitn of falcao at d xpense of f**k neymar wu is being mislead by 1 of his adorable legend.Let b hopfu,bc d billionaire’s club wil b a suces.

  15. Petr Cech says

    Sorry guys, but I have to tell you not believe everything the internet. It gave me something of pity to see them celebrate knowing that this news is false. Do not believe everything…… Sorry.

  16. jeffizzy says

    chelsea has good skrikers,the problem the team lacks,is a creative midfielder, that’s all. Let them think of replacing lampard and malouda. Or better still, give yossi his chance.

  17. renny says

    that is a big big lie..yes Chelsea are interested even though they have not confirmed there interest in him but from the face of it there is an implied presumption but for you to say that they have sign him, no i disagree.

  18. joseph caspy amoako says

    My bro, forget. Chelsea’ll never win tje CL with Drogba still in the squad. Let’s bid him farewell!!!!!

  19. dr fotbal says

    you retards chelsea fans…if you dont want falcao …so let him come to arsenal!!! you can pick neymar and we take falcao…..

  20. chelsea says

    welcome falcao ….you are a tiger infront of goal!!!best poacher in the world.please i hope this is true!!…come on manu , now lets se…who the f… is chicharrito??

  21. chelsea says

    who the f… is chicharrito?? now we have the great falcao!!! 2011-2012 is ours!! go chelsea

  22. chelsea says

    did want falcao all the way…neymar is to young!! falcao is a great striker!! 78 goals in 84 matches in porto…in hes 2 first seasons in europe….welcome!!

  23. che che says

    he was the best player in river when he was 20 years!! watch him , he is a deadly hitman!!! god buy boas!!!

  24. paul says

    this guy is gonne score 20 – 30 goals!!! 4 sure!!!!

  25. hey says

    welcome …god buy boas… falcao – torres!!!!!!

  26. Collins da bluekeyd says

    F**k off Neymar, FalcaO wil be better of.

  27. Collins da bluekeyd says

    da likes likes of Anelka, Feriera, Bosingwa, and d two secOnd n third chOic gOal keepers shOuld be OfflOaded. Lampard, DrOgbs, n kalOu shOuld be left tO stay. Ktbffh.

  28. Sam says

    Hey guys stop sayin wat u dont even kn about chelsea did not sign falcao

  29. jeleel says

    dat nice, i think we dont need dis striker call Lukaku or what is it call pls dis guy call falco is ok plus drog, 50million torres,

  30. Gary Sampson says

    @Shauntero. I’m not saying Falcao is a bad player. He has scored many goals. Why I say its a step backward to take him instead of Neymar is because we already have similar players to Falcao (In this I agree with Foggy above). If you watch Falcao play you will see he is an opportunist striker. He needs to be fed good balls. This makes him similar to Drogba and Torres. We don’t need another like them right now. We need players that make holes in defenses using good ball skill, players that can take the ball out wide to the wings, and players who can lay off good passes. And yes a playmaker like Modric will assist in this. But you have to have strikers and wingers that can do it too. And actually there is no one better at all these things than Chelsea’s main target: Neymar. Granted, he has’nt been a good boy lately, but he is the best at what he does on the field. Chelsea have chased him for so long pricely because he has always been what they have needed most. I think getting him is an essential.

  31. Shoaib says

    a winger should be brought, there are already too many strikers

  32. Bombay says

    @Gary..i agree with you..Neymar is kind of player we need for now but the price tag is too much for his age and his skill plus santos don’t want to live him alone, falco is like drog and Tores what we need is a great playmaker that can feed our strikers well with final pass we don’t need falco i guess we waste money again what falco can do Drog and toress can do better

  33. Bluekid says

    We need falcao, f.uck nymer and his ego

  34. Enemi karibo says

    Chelse team as it is,is stil a very strong squard,wat last season is lack of motivation n lack of managerial ability of Carlo.Wt a gud coach like Boas Chelsea wil bounce back 2 reckoning next seven wt 7 & 8 goals margins repeating again.

  35. shane says

    this deal is not DONE yet but it will be a fantastic one when it goes through. but we need a creative winger who has pace and youth. and we need to bring in some unknown talent who dont have a hefty price tag attached to them .Aguero and neymar are great-players but are far too expensive and have too much ego.

  36. Dj Lekzy says

    Hello everyone Chelsea really need Midfielder and some winger plus just One Striker well it will be really great if chelsea can have someone like Lukaku and Neymar plus Facao so chelsea need to get a hold of everything fast

  37. patmos says

    wat abt attacking midfielder,good wingers and a right back.Ain’t we gonna buy them?o pls!!

  38. Aloo says

    Madrid alwyz afford any playaz price tag bt wl pay dem token wage like robinho..nt chelsea’s fault,cfc realy tried 2 get neymar..let’s move on..up blues

  39. Prince chike says

    It will be very good if sign falcao neymar lukaku modric and pastore I like to see this play at chelsea before

  40. Soludo says

    Pele at His age is becoming notorious for making deceptive comments. He began with a lash on the great Messi; already been plagued by fears of what God Has made the prodigy to become, now, Neymar is the latest casualty of his degradng mental prowess. Future will tell. Watch out Neymar at Madrid and Falcoa at Chelsea.

  41. jhon says

    i think that Chelsea should buy falcao instead of neymar because neymar needs a couple of years to get better but falcao is ready

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