Chelsea still in market for the top players

Barcelona are claiming that Chelsea made a £27 million bid for their star striker David Villa. Speaking to the Catalan media, Barcelona said that Chelsea called their sporting director Andobni Zubizarreta to make an offer for the forward.

According to the Daily Mirror the offer was immediately turned down because the buy-out clause in Villa’s contract states that he can’t leave for less than £178 million and that they had no plans to sell the 29-year-old striker. Villa scored 23 goals in 50 games for Barcelona last season and is playing as part of a formidable forward line with Messi and Pedro.

Meanwhile Chelsea are still interested in signing Udinese winger Alexis Sanchez who is also of interest to Barcelona. The 22-year-old Chilean has had a great season with Udinese, scoring 12 goals in 27 games in their best season for years. Udinese qualified for the qualifying round for the Champions League and Sanchez will only move to a side that has also qualified.

While Manchester City and Chelsea have both outbid Barcelona, Sanchez is thought to not be very interested in moving to the Premiership.

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  1. Gary says

    I’ve been watching Sanchez and Neymar videos. Their styles are very different. Sanchez is more physical; he has quick feet, good dribbling, and scrambles and regains his balance a lot. Which reminds me of Messi, but with Messi it’s more effective because he bounces up quicker. Sanchez’s combination of quick feet and persistence enables him to break through defences. He works hard and also packs power into his shots. Neymar is fast, smooth and deceptive. He reminds me of a more gifted version of Giggs. He keeps sending opponents the wrong way – which is very entertaining. The speed of his dribbling makes it hard for players to stay with him. But what really sets Neymar apart is the accuracy of his shots on goal. He skims the inside of the posts time and again from every sort of angle. He is never hurried; rushing defenders are side-stepped; the final shot is cool and clinical. My overall impression of the two players is that Neymar is a bigger natural talent. Sanchez is already showing most of what he’s got. Neymar still oozes untapped ability. I hope Chelsea taps it.

  2. Deyvid says

    Gary, God bless you, I thought I was the only one that had that view. I’d love to have them both in chelsea but if we are to pick, I’ll pick Neymar

  3. Davenoodles says

    If it’s out and out goalscoring tht were after thn neymar is all over tht. If it’s creating goals for the uninspiring torres it’s gotta be sanchez. In my opinion it would have to be sanchez. It seems he’s got his head more screwed on and is physically stronger which in the pl you gotta be. It’s a close call as to which to go for but jus imagine if we got both. Sanchez left neymar right and torres thru the middle. Thts an attacking line to scare the pants off even our own defenders!!

  4. adewalenaheemadegokeprince says

    4get dis old player go 4 falcao and pastore.

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