Chelsea to spend £100 Million and thats just day one

Ok the first day of the new transfer window is upon us and already Chelsea have been linked with £100 Million in new players.

Not bad for the first day, at this rate Chelsea will have been linked with £3 BILLION worth of players by the end of the month.

It could be an interesting exercise to see what the exact figure would be, a daily trawl through the national papers adding up the figures that Chelsea are apparently going to spend on any given player and then seeing how close we get to £3 Billion.

If Chelsea spend just 1% of that amount it will have been a huge spend and that puts in to further perspective some of the headlines we see daily.

Put another way it is probably quite close to 1% the amount of rumours linked with Chelsea that turn out to be accurate.

Going to be a very interesting January.

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  2. jonbee says

    i think chelsea should buy aguero or villa and also swap ivanovic for sergio ramos + 10m

  3. lavinteren says


  4. Isaac Edet says

    Plz we nd Aguero as well as a strong Defensv midflda as Essien,CARLETO.Plz make us proud.

  5. rohan says

    yaya toure wud be great def midfield
    he wont cost more
    v shud get some1 who fits at tip of diamond
    n that wud be aguera or diego
    drogba-torres would be great to watch

  6. Nbah says

    We need aguero..!!!!! He has just 21!! Plz buy him..!!!

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