Chelsea to table £30m bid for Torres

According to todays Daily Star, Chelsea are set to open the bidding for the Liverpool striker Fernando Torres at a paltry £30m, which is only a few million more than the Reds paid for him three seasons ago.

It is a certainty that Liverpool won’t let their star striker leave for less than £50m so I am not sure if this is true or even in the slightest bit likely. It is like Barcelona offering Arsenal £30m for Cesc Fabregas!

The new Liverpool boss Roy Hodgson says that he is keen to talk to Torres, but he is being held up by Spain’s success at the World Cup Finals.

Hodgson said: “Fernando is a wonderful striker and I understand the fans’ concerns about his future.

“Unfortunately with the World Cup still on, I won’t be able to meet him face to face for another few weeks.”

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