Chelsea told they can win League but not Champions League

Mind games are going on everywhere and at this moment in time it appears that it is Chelsea that seems to be at the centre most of the time.

We got Wenger making “magical” predictions, Gary Neville and his partner in crime Sir Alex Ferguson making comments almost daily and now of course one Jose Mourinho having his say.

According to Mourinho Chelsea will win the Premiership but not the Champions League.

Naturally no one would have expected anything less from Mourinho, he has to claim that Chelsea wont win the Champions League doesn’t he?
In fact everything Mourinho has said was fully expected, the mind games have begun, the talk will ratchet up as the games get closer and the anticipation will increase by the day.

The next six weeks will see Mourinho at his media best but he already knows that he has someone in Ancelotti that is more than capable of playing mind games with the special one.

The ironic thing is that if Mourinho is not careful he still may end up finding himself motivating Chelsea as he did in the past, this time though he will be the loser and not Chelsea.

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