Chelsea Transfer Rumours 10th January

Just a couple of rumours doing the rounds this morning and they are nothing more than a twist on previous rumours, well certainly the first rumour is.

Sunday Express

Atletico Madrid will sell Sergio Aguero, to Chelsea for £30m, but they will have to loan him back until the end of the season.

Suppose that was to be expected, it is becoming clear that we are not buying him this winter and so the twist now is we will buy him for the summer and loan him back, get real

News of the World

Chelsea have entered the race to sign German striker Kevin Kuranyi.

Yeah Right

He wants to come to Chelsea to sit on the bench when Drogba returns in a World Cup year.

Load of rubbish as per usual and the surprising thing today from the Sundays is that we have not been linked with Pato or Ribery and such like for £60 Million or what ever figure is thought up.


    When on earth are we goin 2
    buy aguero

  2. lirim says

    chelsea pleas buy aguero
    I thing he is a new capitan of CHELSEA ….

  3. Alex says

    i just want dzeko he is the most like for like striker to drogba he’s tall and powerful but he can still play attractive football and this season he scored two goals agasint man u and thats worth £10m alone.

  4. BRIGHT says

    PLEASE I WANT Sergio Aguero …..

  5. jinen says

    chelsea pls buy a player we need one we hav old slow players ancelotti b smart pls buy aguerro

  6. Dave says

    Let us buy for once take aguero and ike uche let open eye and see?

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  7. kurdish says

    chelsea must buy strikers, anelka and drogba are great but they’re over 30.

  8. Oduntan olukayode says

    Mr ancelotti pls buy aguerro so that our race we improve in d Premiership league….

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  11. Bluekiwi says

    Some papers are starting to mention Kalou being unhappy at not getting as much game time as he wants – I’d like to see us selling him and bringing in Dzeko – we do need another outright striker – and with Anelka doing a very good job in a more midfield role it would be possible to play all three, which would really give defenders some headaches – could be very cool!!

  12. Anes says

    i agree with kurdish anelka and drogba r over 30 and i think this is drogba’s last big season at chelsea.
    why not buy aguero and let him on loan. chelsea is strong enough to play few games while drogba and kalou r in africa.
    sturridge is a great talent and there’s anelka soon
    and i think that ancelotti is the best manager in the world he’s a proven manager and i think he knows that aguero has more expirience in big games than dzeko and he’s faster so he can move through opponents defenses and score
    i’m bosnian but i prefer aguero
    and ofc why not buy dzeko in the summer and sell drogba he’ll be 32
    Chelsea 4life :)))))

  13. vullnet says

    aguero plisss go to chelsea

  14. siva says

    mr ancelotti please buy david villa and sergio aguero they are they best………. at the moment chelsea have lot of old players such as drogba and anelka .. youngster like kalou and sturridge did not have good experince… please buy them david villa and sergio aguero…………………… so we can be champion in league ,uefa , fa cup,….. and also chelsea could be best of the world…………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Ja Hpa says

    pls chelsea buy at least one striker. eg. aguerro, Torres, David Villa.

  16. Ja Hpa says

    pls chelsea buy at least one striker. eg, Aguerro, Torres, David Villa.

  17. jijgjgatpw says

    chelsea are nt buyin

  18. ignace says

    Pease we need to buy a new striker(aguero) so dat we win da English Premier League.

  19. anit says

    we r not goin to spend much money on aguero coz there r more talented players out there ,ancelotti im frm nepal and i prefer david villa,toress,dzeko if they r not possible u can go for aguero but i think we doint need to spend money on player this winter,we can spend a lot next time we have the youngstar who can really give us the reasult .so plz ancelotti david villa,toress,dzeko are da best more over david villa and toress

  20. Dennis says

    buy Mohamed Zidan for a good price and he will show results

  21. mado says

    we dont need a short striker we need someone tall and has speed ion the front line chelsea game is usually wings to the middle and u need tall strikers that why drogba and anelka do score with head cos of hight,now who should we go sagio aguero is good but sort,torres is the best singing we can do,and since ballack may be going lets get hulk from porto or my god then lets see outcomes to come is wonderfull combination what you say to my game plan

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