Chelsea transfer rumours April 30th – Aguero, Ribery, Marveaux and Deco

Chelsea fans are expecting a big shake-up to the squad next season, even if they manage to win the historic Double for the first time in their history.

The present team is aging fast, and as Ancelotti has already announced that he will be promoting five players from the youth team, we can expect a few of the older players to make way for them.

One such player is the Portugal star Deco, who has decided to return to Brazil to work at his soccer school.

“In football you must achieve something when you are young, stay as long as you can, then it’s over,” Deco said.

“It will be strange to leave Chelsea but with football this is always the way,”

He won’t be the last Chelsea player to announce his departure, you can be sure of that.

But it seems that either Sergio Aguero or Franck Ribery are again being touted as possible arrivals, and according to ESPN, Aguero is a near certainty to arrive in a £40m deal. They have quoted a top Premiership manager as saying last night: “The word is that Aguero is going to Chelsea – it’s a done deal at £40 million,”

All the signs seem to point to it being true, and Chelsea fans will be crossing their fingers that it happens very shortly.

So what about Franck Ribery? He is currently embroiled in a scandal about a 17 year-old prostitute, but has still not signed a contract extension at Bayern Munich. Bayern are still hoping to convince him to stay however, and president Uli Hoeness hopes that the club’s sympathy will help convince Ribery to sign a new contract.

“We are keen and we have supported him in every aspect with regard to this,” he said.

“Mark van Bommel was even visiting him at home. I know this has all moved Franck and his wife very much.

“It is a fact that our position has not been worsened at all. Everyone from our club has behaved well throughout this, everyone supported him and absolutely cared about him.”

Personally i think that Ribery should only be a back-up (albeit a very expensive one!) if the deal with Aguero falls through.

There have also been reports linking Chelsea with a young Frenchman called Sylvain Marveaux (great name!), who is currently at Rennes.  He is only 23 years of age, and is being favourably compared to our very own Florent Malouda.

I don’t know much about this youngster, but he is also being linked with Man Utd, which makes me think we should buy him just to stop Alex Ferguson getting hold of him!

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