Chelsea transfer rumours Nov 24th 09 – Aguero, Di Maria and Kaka!

With the Champions League matches coming up the papers have slowed down on the Chelsea rumours, but it has been remarked that the seemingly certain £40m move of Sergio Agiero to Stamford Bridge is developing nicely.

The Telegraph reports that negotiations are “progressing well” but also state that Chelsea “are insisting that the striker lowers his wage demands and that his agent, Bruno Satin, also accepts a lower fee.”

£40m doesn’t sound like too bad a price for a confirmed superstar of Aguero’s age, but it seems that Benfica are also looking for the same sort of price for Angel Di Maria, which has persuaded Chelsea to drop out of the discussions, reportedly leaving the way clear for Manchester City to snap up the Argentinian international.

The last rumour comes from Kaka, who has stated that he was invited to play for Chelsea when Ancelotti decided to move from Milan, but he had set his heart on a move to Real Madrid instead.

“It came to a point where it was better for both Milan and I to part,’ Kaka said.

“When Milan opened the doors for me it was a sign. I no longer shared the same motives as the team.

“And if there came a day when I had to leave Milan, I had always wanted to play in Madrid. I was able to go with Ancelotti to Chelsea, but I told him it was my dream to go to Madrid.”

As Bayern Munich also admitted that Chelsea had made a mega-bid for Franck Ribery in the summer as well, it seems that Chelsea really were trying to get the “marquee signing” that was reported in the summer.

This has persuaded me that Abramovich is really serious about getting Aguero in January, and if he is successful it will be a massive boost to Chelsea’s attempt to regain the Premiership title.

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