Chelsea v Bolton (extended highlights) – Anelka comes good!

Chelsea moved a step nearer to the Premiership title with a typically hard-fought game against the tough-tackling northeners Bolton.

Chelsea were guilty of missing many chances before a brilliant cross from Drogba found Anelka in the box to give them a well-deserved lead.

An extra brave performance came from Yuri Zhirkov in the Chelsea defence as he played out the whole game despite having his head split open from a clash of heads early in the match. To say there was blood everywhere would be an understatement. He had to go off twice to have the bandage replaced there was so much of it.

Owen Coyle believes that the referee refused two good penalty appeals for Bolton, and claims that the officials are on Chelsea’s side.

Have a look and make you own mind up……

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  1. annie says

    whether officials were on chelsea’s side or not doesnt really matter. unfair behavior from referees have now become a part of the game. i still remember chelsea vs barcelona game where referee made many wrong decision supporting the spanish side, hence, as a viewer i have stopped complaining about this, this can simply not be avoided…

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