Chelsea V Watford Preview

Luckily for Ancelotti he was handed the easiest of opponents in the FA Cup compared to most other EPL top sides. He even got it his way playing at home, so there’s absolutely no argument to be made in his favour if he fails to produce the win today, even if he has to do without his African players.

Chlesea only got 2 wins from their last 8 games in all competitions, and even the one over Portsmouth I wouldn’t count on (Pompey are at the foot of the table and it was only a 2-1 win, with the winner scored from the spot some 10 minutes before the final whistle). In other words, the win over Fulham was their only good result in the last month, and I suspect if Fulham didn’t lose their concentration for a couple of minutes Chelsea would not have been able to win that one either.

Still, a win is a win and their spirits must be sky high, so expect nothing less than a convincing display to offer to their fans who are growing a little bit worried about the overall surrounding conditions, what with a transfer ban expected to come in effect shortly, and pressure intensely applied by both Man Utd and Arsenal over the EPL table summit.

Watford are merely a mid-table side in the Championship, but if you look closely they are only 5 points away from a play-off position, so don’t write them off to be playing in EPl next season just yet.

Their current form also appears to be poor at first glance without a win in their last 4 games, but their most recent 2 were actually draws vs Nottingham Forest (whom are on fire themselves) and away at Bristol City (who are 5-6-1 at home), so those do not too bad in my eyes either. Still, not good enough to back them to cause a major upset.

So, without further delay I declare Chelsea to be the winners in today’s fixture, but who really cares about a bet at 1.17 at best (Bet365 or Ladbrokes)? No bet for me then.

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  2. uwem says

    The reports on chelsea are always so negative why? what do you press reporters have against chelsea? I need to know. Was it chelsea that did the FA team selection? The defeat over portsmouth doesnt count but the defeat of chelsea by wigan counts?! No one has commented on the red card issued to cech shortly after the equalizer which was indicative of chelsea’s second half come back. The team ended up playing with 9players but the recount is that wigan beat chelsea. Man U has lost 5matches, chelsea has lost 3, not beaten at home this season but that counts for nothing yet press reports sing birminghams unbeaten home run even when officiating is always against chelsea. See the West Ham match. The Ref was upset the linesman raised his flag for chelsea’s penalty as his design was for chelsea to get beaten. He had lampard play the spot kick 3 times and the reason was because players were running into the 18 yard box. Question, when he finally allowed the 3rd didnt players run into the box? Question, when West Ham played their spot kick didnt players run into the box? Was it re taken? I bet you if lampard had missed the 2nd or 3rd spot kick he would not have ordered a replay on the same reasons he ordered a replay when lampard scored. Chelsea started the season like every other team and are still on top of the table not yet beaten at home. No other team will have 4 of their key players go to the African Nations cup yet the reporting is still hash on chelsea.
    I watched the chelsea vs barcelona match again and I saw the unfair officiating so glaring. I watched the man u vs chelsea champions league penalty shoot out again. Please what it again. before John Terry played his sport kick the Ref stood at the spot where he would place his left foot to allow enough rain to make the turf slippery, again before anelka’s spot kick he did the same thing again. I personally do not see chelsea winning laurels at this rate of animosity from the press and from the refs. I will stop reading press reporting on chelsea until it becomes objective again. Fulman beat man U 3:0 it was not a big deal, the reporting was so lame and we moved on, yet chelsea drew their matches the report was the missed out opportunity to open 8points lead against others, but others lost their matches!

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  4. Kat says

    Check out Chapter 6 of the book SOCCERNOMICS too. It gives us another theory as to why Chelsea lost to Man U on pk’s in Moscow. In any case, it’s a nightmare that I’m still not over. But hopefully, Chelsea will soon prevail in the Champions League!

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