Chelsea will add to Man Utd blues says Luiz

Chelsea are in no mood to feel sympathy for Manchester United and Alex Ferguson. The league leaders are obviously in a dark place at the moment and they feel cheated out of a place in the next round of the Champions League.

The only thing on the mind of Chelsea’s defender David Luiz is piling on the misery this weekend when the Blues travel to Old Trafford in the FA cup. If you think Chelsea can take advantage of United’s Champions League hangover then look at this site some betting bonus information. The 25-year old Brazilian says that Chelsea are hoping to take full advantage of United’s frame of mind.

Luiz said yersterday: “It’s difficult when you have been knocked out of an amazing competition like the Champions League because your confidence is not the same.

“The happiness in Manchester United’s hearts will not be there and Chelsea can use this to win our game on Sunday. Maybe this will give us an advantage.

“United will be playing at home but some players and supporters will be thinking `it’s not the Champions League` and it will be difficult for them to come in with the sane form.”

United may be burning with indignation about a red card, but I doubt that the Chelsea players have forgotten that red cards were at the centre of our league defeat to United at the end of October. Torres got one when it should have been Evans and United stole the points, so Chelsea will be hoping that United do not get all the decisions again on Sunday, although Howard Webb will be the referee and there are some who feel that United tend to do well when he is in charge.

All we ask is for a level playing field, no Fergie time or dodgy cards and penalties.

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