Chelsea will win two Champions Leagues in next five years!

Peter Kenyon’s replacement as Chief Executive at Chelsea, Ron Gourlay, reckons Chelsea are ready to dominate Europe, and forecasts at least two Champions League trophies in the next five years.

“In our ten-year plan there were two Champions Leagues in there and we’ve been very unlucky,” Gourlay said.

“Over the next five years we’ve still got to shoot for the stars.

“With no disrespect to the competition, which is an incredibly high standard, I’d still like to think we can win the Champions League twice in the next five years. That may sound aggressive but I think we can do it.”

“We go in every season to win trophies,” added Gourlay.

“We put pressure on ourselves. There’s probably more pressure from ourselves as a board of directors than from the owner. That doesn’t mean to say we’re going to sack the manager. I don’t think I’ll find myself in that position.”

Chelsea have certainly come close, with five semifinals and one final in the last six years, but is he hoping for too much?

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