Chelsea Worried Thibaut Courtois Could Leave Despite New Contract Offer

It is an open secret that Real Madrid are searching for another goalkeeper. They are odds on to sign a keeper this summer, in fact I have a small bet on them signing either Lloris or Courtois in the summer. They have over the years been linked with the signing of Manchester United’s David De Gea. And when it appears the Red Devils won’t be releasing their star man, they turned their attention to other targets which includes Chelsea’s Thibaut Courtois.

Neylor Navas who is Madrid’s current number is a very good goalkeeper unfortunately he is quite very error prone and it is easily to see why Madrid may want to sign another keeper to replace him in the starting line up.

And if you believe Daily mail, Chelsea are worried they could lose the Belgian as he is yet to commit his future to the club. According to Daily Mail, Chelsea do not believe Thibaut Courtois will sign a new contract despite the club making him a £200,000-a-week offer which doubles his current £100,000-a-week pay package.

According to the report, Chelsea are at a cross-road as the club is not sure if they should sign the former Atletico Madrid shotstopper of offer him an improve deal on top of the £200,000-a-week already offered. What makes it all the more interesting is that the Belgian have two young children living in the city of Madrid who he has refused to move to England since he rejoined Chelsea after his loan spell with Atletico Madrid not too long ago.

Could Chelsea be fighting a lost battle?

First Courtois has children and family living in Spain and naturally would want the opportunity to be closer to his family. Secondly, Real Madrid are involved. It is not just any other club that is interested in signing Courtois, it is the almighty Madrid. It is rare to find players who know they will play regularly turn down the opportunity of signing for Madrid. It is almost impossible and Courtois won’t be an exception.

Courtois is certainly not as good as De Gea but certainly better than Neylor Navas. I strongly believe if Madrid’s reported interest in the player is real, he will be off to Spain in no time and Chelsea will do well to start looking for a replacement now.

It is inexplicable but once Real Madrid wants a player, they more often than not get him. De Gea is only one of the very few players Real Madrid want that they never get and I am sure they would have gotten him if they had persisted with their interest rather than look elsewhere.

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