Could AVB Keep Mourinho From Coming Back To Chelsea?

Former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho announced his Premiership football come-back as he’s growing more and more frustrated by Barcelona in the Spanish Primera Division.

The Portuguese says that despite working with Real is a huge honor, he’s going to come back to the Premier League sooner rather than later.

“I am very, very happy to be in Real Madrid. It is a great experience for me.

“I believe it is probably the biggest club in the history of football, I didn’t want to miss the chance to work here but my passion is England and my next step will be to go back, if possible go and stay for a long time.

“Get me a club in a couple of years, get me a good club.”

“I think the genius will make always the difference. And the genius in my sport is about some unbelievable players that can break every organisation and every work you can do.

“Genius in managing also exists.

“For me in football the most important thing is man management. Football for me is a human science, it is about man.”

Mourinho also agreed the prospect of human failure is one of the attractions of sport, saying: “Emotional intelligence is crucial at this level in every sport.

“It is one thing to take a penalty winning 5-0 in a friendly, another thing is to take a penalty kick in the last minute of the Champions League or World Cup final.

“I try to prepare my players the best I can but in the end of the day they are the guys that decide everything in the right moment. They make the difference.

“I analyse them in a group context always but I know they are all unique.

“This is an amazing experience – many of us don’t want to quit, never. We want to go to the last day we can because this leadership becomes part of our life.”

Every Chelsea fan out there is waiting for Mourinho to come back at Chelsea and get the job done, as the manager left before getting to win the Champions League with the Blues. Do you think he’ll choose a come-back to the Stamford Bridge?

  1. Alan Frank says

    Jose is the BEST and finest Chelsea Manager EVER! Roman should do all he can to get Mourinho back and repair the mistake he made when getting rid of him. Jose as Manager with Romans full financial backing is the only way Chelsea will be able to compete for trophy’s again. AVB is a total numpty and not in the same league as his old boss.

  2. Monasty says

    I’d prefer jose in stamford bridge.

  3. McObimbo says

    AVB will be good for Chelsea if given the time he requires.He inherited an ageing squad and has to be given time to rebuild the team.Mourinho was successful,yes,but look at the squad he assembled,let AVB assemble his then judge his performance!

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