David Villa – Torres to Chelsea makes sense, but not Man City!

There has been much speculation for the last month that the Liverpool striker Fernando Torres is being pursued by Chelsea, but the Spanish international has put his future on hold during the World Cup.

Now he has lifted the trophy with Spain, he is going to return to Liverpool to sort out his future, and his international team-mate David Villa has revealed that Torres is considering a move to Stamford Bridge.

Villa said: “I am not sure where his future lies – but he knows like me he must win ­trophies at club level.

“He isn’t money-focused so he would ­never join Manchester City.

“But sure, Barcelona and Chelsea would be real options for him. He has proven he can score goals in England and Chelsea are the number one team there at the ­moment, so I suppose it’s the option that makes the most sense.

“He has been fully focused on the World Cup but in the back of his mind he knows he needs to be competing for the very highest honours and if Liverpool can’t do it he will have to move.”

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