Di Matteo confident of exposing Bayern Munich's weaknesses

Di Matteo affirms he has found the recipe for success which will guarantee him victory against Bayern, but before the ‘certain triumph’ the Italian will set out for one last scouting mission.

Chelsea’s boss is going to fly to Berlin to watch how Bayern will perform in the German Cup Final and on top of that he claims he has unfolded all his opponent’s secrets and can’t wait to exploit their ‘weaknesses’. “I know their weaknesses, but we’ll work on that.” he said.

At this time Di Matteo declared that his main concern is preparing and playing the Champions League final without any recognised centre-backs, also both John Terry and Branislav Ivanovic are banned for the final, while Gary Cahill and David Luiz are still fighting for fitness.

“We’ll practise different solutions, just in case,” Di Matteo said.

“At the moment, we have the other two centre-halves training but I’m trying other solutions.”

Chelsea’s manager intends to show his priorities this weekend by seeing the match between Borussia Dortmund and Bayern last night, where Fortmund certainly exposed their weaknesses and massacred them 5-2. The Chelsea boss was in the crowd: “I’m going to watch them on Saturday night in the German Cup final,” he said on Friday. “I’ll analyse their pattern of play. I’ve seen the two semi-finals and the group stages as well.

“The strengths, which you’ll know, are with Gomez, Ribery and Robben, and probably Muller, they have a very technical team with lots of pace. Very dangerous.”

“But they also have weaknesses, like every team. I’m not going to say that.”

“I know their weaknesses, but we’ll work on that.”

If Di Matteo is right and he really does believe he can take out Bayern next week, then Chelsea fans should get down the bookies and back their team. You can get at least 7/2 right now!

  1. Scolar' says

    I believ d blues ar goin 2 b crown d champion at last.it is true dat bayern is having problem lik chelsea.dere will b no chelsea best defenders terry,ivanovic.if cahil & luiz got fit dey wil fil dere shoes.but 4 bayern wit d lose of alaba and oder 2 defensiv players,it’s not goin 2 b easy.

  2. harun says

    I believe in God dat chelsea will carry dis champions leauge, lets keep prayin. Up blues

  3. Alan Burn UNAD says

    I b-liv almighty Allah who has promised 2 support nd assist chelsea 2d Champions League crown nxt saturday

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