Di Matteo – "Thank God we won't play Chelsea every week!"

The ex-Chelsea star and West Brom manager, Roberto Di Matteo did not have a happy return to Stamford Bridge, but he still managed to keep a smile on his face, despite watching his newly-promoted team get beaten 6-0.

“Playing the champions away for the first game of the season, you know it is going to be a tough game.” he said.

“There aren’t many teams who come away winners from Stamford Bridge.

“You can see why they are champions; they are strong in every department. They are very good and it is very difficult to play against them.

“Now we have to learn very quickly and we have to improve very quickly as well. On the upside we won’t be playing Chelsea every week!”

It’s good to see a Chelsea legend be successful in management, and I hope he can help the Baggies survive in the Premiership….

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