Did Chelsea buy Benayoun to look after Torres?

Chelsea brought in the Liverpool midfielder Yossi Benayoun last week, and now it seems that he is very good friends with Fernando Torres, who Chelsea are also trying to persuade to move to Stamford Bridge this summer.

Torres and Benayoun are former team-mates, and the young Spaniard believes that the Israeli international fits in perfectly with his style of play.

He said last season: “Yes, for me Benayoun should always play because I need a player like him with quality in the pass and always looking forward, looking for the striker. I always say to him that if I was the manager he’d always play with me.”

Could there be an ulterior motive for Chelsea buying Benayoun?

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  1. michael obani says

    i think chelsea is coming out in a new style this seasons i what them to win this sesaaons

  2. michael obani says

    i love chelsae very welll pls win iknow with drogba and torres and all chelsae stars and the new copach dont let us down pls

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