Didier Drogba and Jose Mourinho to be re-united at Real Madrid?

The careers of Didier Drogba and Jose Mourinho went interstellar at the same time. Mourinho had performed miracles with Porto, winning first the UEFA cup, followed by the Champion’s league before moving to Chelsea in 2004.

Drogba arrived at Chelsea the same year and the two never looked back. Drogba scored the winning penalty in this season’s Champion’s league final to give him his 12th winner’s medal in a Chelsea shirt, while Mourinho has been successful wherever he went. He has won 13 trophies in three different countries since he signed for Roman Abramovich.

Now the pair may be reunited, as Mourinho wants to give Drogba another chance at glory and, hopefully, another Champion’s league win. Real Madrid are desperate to lift the top European trophy again, and Drogba wants a repeat of the elation he has just experienced for the Blues.

Shanghai Shenhua have offered the Ivorian hit man megabucks in order to take him to China, but Drogba thinks that he has a few years of top class football in his legs before going out to pasture. Anybody who saw his heroics this year would probably agree.

It would be a shame to lose a legend like Didier to China where he will never be heard of again. Just as long as he does not end up doing to Chelsea what he has been doing to other teams for the last eight years

  1. Temple says

    Drogba is still strong and angile. I believe he still has few years to spend on the top flight football.

  2. Yakub adam I says

    We luv him and he should go to madrid

  3. Ibraheem says

    Drogba is a legend.The best striker in d world.I love him

  4. Vladimir says

    Haters,downlookers,negative and jealous people wanted him to go China knowing he still had at least 2 to 3 years to offer at the top highest level football competitions.Now their BIG mouths will be closed at seeing Drogba scoring vital goals for Real Madrid in Spain.They’ve called him ‘Old guard’purely because they hated him,yet he did far better than the so called young players,moreover he outclassed Torres at every level of the game.Age ain’t anything but just a mere number. Now you will be watching him doing wonders in Spain at your shame you disgruntled senseless haters of Drogba. He always proved you wrong with its performances. The mystery of the Drogbamania still continues…

  5. Jubril kayode olaiya says

    Drogba is still very sharp and strong in attack,and no defender would see him on the pitch and close his eyes,so i strongly pinch my tent with him going to real madrid instead of china,were nobody would hear much of him compare to madrid,and on behalf of countless of chelsea fans all over the globe,i thank you real good drogba for bringing the cup of cups to london,cos your contribution has put chelsea on the list of champions of europe and equally the first club in london city to parade the city of london with the cup,thank you drogba the chelsea legend.

  6. Juladabo says

    How nice would it be to see DD score loads of goals for Madrid and runing to Embrace the Special one on the touchline….. I am really waiting to see this happen. May Everything go well for DD.

  7. kiki says

    that would be interesting;
    if he moves to real madrid, this means we can watch him live every weekend
    on sky ** that was not possible while at chelsea!

    drogba can go to real madrid, barcelona, etc,
    he did great for chelsea this CL, good luck to him there!

  8. Alan Burn UNAD says

    he wil always remains our hero and Legand as wel. I bliv in DIDI, there are stil years ahead of him a shine. Big club lik Chelsea can lure 2him e.g Real- madrid @anytime so dat could re-unite wit Jose M. again………… I wish him best o luck, Mr Didi-Blue

  9. Tumai says

    it will be a powerful combination Drogba plays alongside Christiano Ronaldo

  10. Afolabi segun says

    We al luv u didi.madrid is a beta option.

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