Didier Drogba Set To Start For Chelsea In The Champions League?

After being dropped from Saturday’s squad to face the Welsh side Swansea, due to an injury picked up in training, the prolific Ivorian is set to start his first game for the club since his return. Speaking with Journalists on Saturday, the Portuguese tactician hailed the former Galatasary man as a ‘box expert’ ahead of their crucial European clash on Wednesday, with Schalke 04;

“…We have a guy like Didier who is a box expert, a kind of striker that the box is his natural habitat”Mourinho

Indeed, he’s credentials in front goal is unquestionable, especially for the Blues for whom he’s scored more goals than any other foreign player, whilst also being their fourth highest goal scorer of all time.

If and when the big striker is eventually utilized by Jose, every supporter of the London club can be sure that Didier will give a superb account of himself.

At age 36, Drogba is getting to the end of his illustrious career and it is clear that millions of aspiring footballers will have a lot to learn from the exemplary way that he has plied his trade.

Studying accounting in the university while struggling to become a professional footballer, it took the Ivorian four years to be capable of training everyday and playing every week according to his then manager at Le Mans, Marc Westerloppe. Such determination to succeed became a recurring theme in his career, and younger footballers will do well to emulate such dedication.

Outside the football pitch, Drogba has also been credited with accomplishments such as his role in bringing peace to Ivory Coast, being appointed a Goodwill ambassador and the creation of the Didier Drogba foundation that helped build hospitals in his home country.

Didier’s taste for success and his determination to work towards achieving it, as well as his self sacrifice has made sure that the man fondly called ‘The drog’ by his teammates and friends alike, will at the end of it all, be known for much more than just being a football player.

The role he played by making a plea to the combatants and subsequently helping to move a nations cup qualifier to the Rebel stronghold of Bouake that helped him confirm the peace process, coupled with his joining and association with the Truth, Reconciliation and Dialogue committee as a representative, saw him recognized by the Times as one of the world’s 100 most influential people.

It is clear in a way, that footballers like him are a dying breed with the younger generation of players more focused on what they can get for themselves in today’s financially charged football. How many footballers today, will give up a signing fee of over 3 million pounds so that others less fortunate can get assess to good health care?

When the 36year old time in football has ended, both Chelsea and non-Chelsea supporters will look back at his time in English football, and be grateful that the DRUG was here.

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