Do we need this Liverpool player or is it just rubbish

The People ran a story that we are after Pepe Reina the Liverpool goalkeeper and it has been republished all over the Internet.

The question one has to ask is this the usual load of bull or are we genuinely interested in signing Reina.
Personally I don’t think so, for starters he is overrated and cannot even be considered the number two goalie for Spain never mind the number one.

Additionally he is on the verge of signing a huge new contract with Liverpool if he has not done so already.
Thirdly would we really bench Cech for Reina or but Reina to have him as Cech’s understudy,, in both scenarios I would say no.

Do we need a back up goalie to Cech, yes of course, that is clear to see, but the idea that we can sign a goalie from a fellow Top Four side under the current circumstances for us is just folly.

As usual a bad day on the pitch and the press are having us replace our entire team.

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