Drogba – Chelsea need to stop conceding the first goal!

Chelsea had to come back on Sunday after going 1-0 behind to Man Utd, and they also were losing early on against Everton in the FA Cup Final, and Arsenal in the Cup semi-final.

It does seem to be that Chelsea need to concede before they start raising their game, and Drogba thinks this is something the team as a whole need to rectify.

He said: “We have this problem where we don’t start well, but after that we always come back stronger in the game, which is good.

“But we do need to change it because sometimes we concede one or two goals and it is difficult to come back. You have to give more effort to come back, which it is not easy, so we have to improve.

“Now we are just trying to improve our fitness in order to be better in the new system, which is not easy for us to play, but we have a few weeks more to improve it.”

He has made a very good point, and if Chelsea really can fix that part of their game they would certainly be formidable opponents. They proved they can stop other teams scoring against the most difficult club in Euriope, Barcelona, so why can’t they do it against ordinary teams like Reading or Man utd!

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