Drogba – If anyone wants to win the Premiership, they have to beat us first!

The Chelsea striker Didier Drogba thinks that yesterdays win over Liverpool proves that Chelsea are serious about winning the title this season.

“We have learned that a big part of our losing the title last year was our results against the big teams,” Drogba said.

“We drew at home against Manchester United, and we lost here (Stamford Bridge) against Liverpool and Arsenal, so we wanted to change that trend this season.

“We want to be the team who wins these games against the big teams, and be at the top of the league.

“It’s only the first game against a top-four team, but it was important to win it to show that we really want to be champions.

“We will be there. If the other teams want to win the title this season, they will have to fight us hard.”

He added: “Wigan was a disappointment, because if you want to win the league, you can’t afford to lose many games like this. The good thing is that we reacted.

“The main thing was a change in the attitude, which was much better against Liverpool.”

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