Drogba is an entertainer and not a diver

According to Stoke’s Senegalese defensive midfielder Salif Diao, Drogba considers diving part of the entertainment that football provides and the Stoke player is obviously concerned about Drogba’s in today’s FA Cup game judging by his comments.

“Myself and others tell him to stop diving,” said the man in charge of keeping Drogba at bay. “But it’s part of the show for him: it is not cheating, but part of the entertainment.

“He has a winning mentality and knows what he wants.

“We call him ‘The Project’ because we see him as someone who hasn’t finished yet.

“He is not the finished striker yet because he always wants to improve.

“He’s like Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo. They know they have achieved, but they still work hard every day because they want to get even better.

“But if Didier carries on and ‘The Project’ goes its full term, then I think he will be the greatest.”

Diao also fancies Stoke’s chances of actually knocking out yet another ‘big name’. “The good thing is that every time we play a big game, everyone is up for it,” he said.

“Nothing is impossible. We have been playing so many games where people write us completely out, but that gives us more motivation to disappoint those people.

“We believe that on our day we can beat anybody.”

Thats what we have been saying for years, Drogba is not a cheater but an all round entertainer

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