Drogba – It was my best season ever, and it is thanks to my team-mates

The Chelsea striker Didier Drogba may be injured just before the World Cup, but he is still over the moon with the great season he had as Chelsea won the Double.

“I think it started for me when I had a good pre-season,” he said. “And I knew after that I would have a chance for a good season,”

“I was really excited about it and I think now I can say it is the best season I have had.

“I am really happy and enjoying my football and the games we were playing, especially at Stamford Bridge, have been amazing.’

He was awarded the Player-of-the-Year award by Chelsea, and immediately called up the whole team to collect it with him.

“Without my team-mates it wouldn’t be possible for me to score goals and it was important for me to call them and be with them onstage.” he continued.

“There’s a fantastic team spirit here and we’ve known each other for a long, long time now. When we win we do it together and when we lose we do it together as well. But the thing that never changes is that we always fight for the same cause, which is the team.

“In this side everybody deserved this trophy. I’m a striker and sometimes we get more of the headlines because we finish the action, but how can I score the goals if I don’t get the assists?”

Well said Didier. Let’s all hope that next season can be even better……….

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