Drogba – It's the passion that drives me!

The Chelsea striker Didier Drogba has been talking about the scenes at the end of last season’s Champions League semi-final when he felt that Chelsea had been robbed by the referee, and he went a little crazy.

He says he is not like that in his private life but he just gets very emotional, and he gets filled with “passion” when he’s playing.

“I’ve always been very emotional, but don’t really know why,” Drogba added.

“My parents are very calm and quiet people, as am I in private, but when I’m on the pitch I’m different.

“Sometimes I see videos of matches and think: ‘Did I really do that?’ You’re kind of aware you’re doing it at the time, but when you sit on your sofa watching the game you think: ‘Was it really that bad?’

“It was really difficult after the Barcelona game because I made a mistake, but was frustrated that people didn’t understand why I reacted.

“I apologised and everything, but I also wanted to show I’m not the person people think I am. I’m not a bad guy, I just want to win and sometimes I react.

“The passion drives me. It’s a part of my behaviour I need to improve, but people are human beings.”

But we also need to see passion in the game, it is what makes good players into great ones. I for one hope that he doesn’t learn to control it!

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