Drogba set to join Anelka in China

Drogba’s departure from Chelsea is now only a matter of time, and it seems that the Ivorian striker will choose to move to Chinese side Shanghai Shenshua, where his good friend and former colleague Nicolas Anelka is coaching.

Drogba announced his leave after winning the Champions League with his club, and it seems that the Ivorian is very close to striking a deal, as the Chinese club’s owner Zhu Jun has declared: “As of now, Shenhua’s negotiations with Drogba are continuing just as planned.”

Drogba himself made his announcement yesterday that he would definitely be leaving Stamford Bridge. “I wanted to put an end to all the speculation and confirm that I am leaving Chelsea.” he said.

“It has been a very difficult decision for me to make and I am very proud of what we have achieved, but the time is right for a new challenge for me.”

It looks like Drogba will be able to meet his friend Anelka, and given the fact that the French striker was made a coach after only a month or so spent at the club, nobody knows what will the Ivorian be doing in a few months from now, but what’s sure is that he’s going to earn a lot of money if he does reach an agreement with the Chinese giants.

  1. MikeInas says

    Goodluck Drogba, chelsea as a whole will not forget you

  2. lawrence udechukwu rockerfeller says

    Good bye drogba ‎​​Чυя blood will always remain blue we love u and we wish u luck

  3. Goodluck didier drogbar says

    My good friend,brother,club,good luck 2 u in every dissesion u made 2 day,but i advise u not 2 go chines side,propable i know that u ar goin 2 creat something out they,but i put it 2 u,this is not good 4 u, a hot stracker like u, who have enough potencial,go madrid and come pit with c,Ronaldo,and messi 4 highy goals scores, i will be impress if u do that 4 me.paskele 4rm. Aba Abia State,ogbor Hill.

  4. Goodluck didier drogbar says

    To drogbar only gud bye 4rm paskele

  5. Goodluck didier drogbar says

    Bless in d man who brout the champions cup 2 chelsea fair whale my friend.

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