Drogba to end his career at Chelsea

With the imminent arrival of Falcao from Porto the days of Didier Drogba at Chelsea looked to be numbered. With Fernando Torres and Nicholas Anelka also on the books it was assumed that new boss Villas-Boas would sell the Ivorian striker.

However according to the Telegraph Drogba may be allowed to stay at Stamford Bridge if he wants. Drogba has impressed the Chelsea management with his attitude and work-rate since the arrival of Fernando Torres in January. Villas-Boas may employ a flexible 4-3-3 formation so there may still be a part to play for Drogba if he is interested in staying with the Blues.

There is no doubt however that Chelsea will have to sell some of their current players. Daniel Sturridge was recently valued at £20 million, but that price-tag is seen as a way to warn off potential suitors. Kalou, Anelka and Malouda on the other are more likely to be shown the exit.

Drogba, 33, has been of interest to Tottenham but he may be happy to end his career at Chelsea as part of a rotating squad as Chelsea look to return to competing for all major trophies next season.

  1. Hakinola says

    Good news and i love it.

  2. Wizzyblack says

    I see no reason why Chelsea should should retain Drogba in the team for God sake. Haven’t we learnt our lesson?
    We’re known for only one stricker for the last 5yrs despite investing so much on top class strickers like Shevchenko,Pizarro and now Torres,but only for them be a flop behind Drogba. I think is the right time to part way with this africa herbalist called Drogba. Unless no stricker,i repeat no stricker will outshine him even we sign messi.
    Let Drogba be boot out of Chelsea for new names in our stricking forces.

  3. Victor says

    Pls Drogba is all my hope in chelsea.dat guy has done alot.he has proven hmsef d meshiah of chelsea hard matches.we still want hm.Anelka an kalou should be shown exist.

  4. jude says

    DD is a better striker than tores, anelka or falc**. He a woldclass player whom no coach will be tempted part way with. What chelsea needs is good creative midfielder in the class of xavi, modric, snidjer and iniesta to replace lampard


    Time is up fr drogba, we thank him fr everything he hs done for us, Let him go to MARSEILLE AND HANG HIS BOOTS, GOODBYE N GOD BLESS YOU,

  6. good fan says

    sometimes we always forget the past, we should learn to appreciate those who have help us to win trophy,for instant d drogba and other.i don’t like the way some person normally address some player, like the first writer and learn to use word in a mature way.

  7. Wizzyblack says

    @RANGERS,i support your comment.
    Despite being a Chelsea fan,i don’t know what is so special about this Drogba. What has he contribute to our quest in winning champions league? Only for him to be collecting red card at the crucial stage,and missing the start of every champions league campaign.

  8. Wizzyblack says

    We can all see what the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo did for ManU in their quest for 2008 champions league glory,and also for Madrid for Copa’de rel.
    We all see what Diego Militto did for INTER in their quest for collect treble in the last 2years. Not to talk of Lionel Messi for FCB.
    What has our highly overrated D.Drogba did for us in our quest for championsleague glory? I think if Chelsea can sack managers for not leaving to expectation,what are we going to do to players who’re not given us the desired success?

  9. didier says

    Its a shame how some so called Chelsea fans look at Drogba. Without Drogba, Chelsea would not shine how they did. I believe Drogba should retire a Chelsea legend. He worked his butt off for this team. I rate no other striker over him.

  10. J.O says

    Without Drogba no chelsea , the guy is good and even better than torres

  11. David says

    Pls n pls n pls let drogba stay.D likes Lampard,Anelka,Malouda shld b shown d exit door.Actually Ancelotti spoilt last season with the purchase of Ramires who is actually not worth benching anyone in our squad.AM OUT

  12. felix says

    drogba shd go now and let others shine. Also d likes of lamp, maloda and aneka shd go to enhance young lads

  13. new chelsea number 11 says

    anelka is too slow and kicks like a woman.drogba is stong and has sense when chelsea is leading he goes to the corner flag.malouda is a good player.if chelsea sell drogba chelsea will lose fans and lose champions league spot he is the best striker on chelsea they,should play with kalou,drogba and sturrigde for a good attack and lampard bennayoui and (malouda,essien,mikel,) one of them

  14. haywhy says

    i think drogba can still retain at chelsea because he is good and wooderful player. He has help chelsea won trophy and i think he can still do more. Our main problem is creative mield feeder let sign one and a magician winger who play like (robben, lenon) etc and see best of Drogba

  15. smogzaz says

    some ppl dont thnk wisely for al he/Drogba/has done 4 Chelsea.Pls end ur caria here in che.We true CHE. FANS LOVE U

  16. Seazar says

    The fact is Drogba is the most consistent striker in the world at the big stages! Who scored the the winning goals in the 2008 and 2010 FA Cup finals? Drogba of course! When Chelsea were down to ten men against united in the 2nd leg of the Champs league who scored our only goal? Drogba! Who was 2009/2010 season top scorer with 26 goals Drogba! Last season all of us chelsea fans have to admit was our worst since 2002 but its not enough reason to start blaming drogba!!! If you watched the news you’ll have known Drogba had malaria for 2 months something that nearly killed cheryl cole but he survived so how can you blame him for not being at his best? Last seasons demise happened wen Lampard and Mikel were injured, Terry and Alex had to get surgery, and Benayoun was off with a long term injury!! you cant blame the chelsea players, blame the board of directors for releasing Ballack, Deco, and Joe Cole and replacing three player with one (Ramires)! Anelka needs to go but not kalou!! 10 goals in 12 games 4 chelsea y dya think arsenal want him Benayoun should go Malouda as well! Malouda only scores wen chelsea are already 3-0 up! Paulo Ferrera should go nd Sturridge needs games not to be loaned out!

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