Efficient Brazil fail to impress in win over North Korea

For most countries a win means everything but not for Brazilian fans. Brazil is a team unlike any other team simply because they play the most exciting game of ‘futebol bonito’ or beautiful football.

Fans from around the world expect the samba boys not just to win a game but to win it in style. That was not the case when they played the North Koreans. This Brazilian team had no Ronaldo, Ronadlinho or Roberto Carlos. They were without the big names and it showed during their game.

The first half of the match left a lot to be desired as the Brazilians seemed to play as if they were a little drugged. Their biggest star, Kaka played a reasonable game but was not able to score. It was only in the second half when the Brazilians upped the ante and started to put pressure on the North Koreans.

Maicon, who plays as a right-back gave Brazil their first goal in the 55th minute after he scored from an incredible angle. Whether it was a deliberate shot or a chance that paid off we will never know but it gave the Brazilians the turbo charge they needed.

It wasn’t long before Elano made it 2-0 for the Brazilians after he received a superb pass from Robinho. It looked as if Brazil would close out with a 2-0 scoreline but with just minutes to spare the North Koreans managed a consolation goal when Ji Yun-nam neatly dribbled the ball and then put in a superb shot to make it 2-1.

The North Koreans were an unknown factor and they showed the world that they were not intimidated by their opposition and would fight till the very end. They made it very difficult for the Brazilians to score and marked their opponents extremely well.

Head coach Dunga admitted that he expected more from his boys and wanted them to score more goals. He was reported to have said that “It’s all about efficiency. Everyone has to be efficient, in attack and defense. Without that you don’t get anywhere. When they are completely closed, it’s more difficult to play on the counter-attack and you have to keep plugging away.”

It must have been tough for the likes of Ronaldino and Adriano who are not in the current squad. They would have probably been watching the match and wishing they were on the field for Brazil along with a million other fans. Unless someone in the current squad goes down, Brazilian fans may never get to see Ronaldinho play in another world cup match again!

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