Eintracht Frankfurt v Chelsea highlights – A comedy of errors!

Chelsea just can’t seem to get themselves going this preseason, and they were absolutely awful in this game in Frankfurt. Frank Lampard rejoined he team after his illness, and Nicolas Anelka made his first appearance of the season, but even they couldn’t make the team look good.

The first goal was utter stupidity by Hilario, and Frankfurts second was a soft penalty after Lampard had equalised. It should have been 3-1 late on but a brilliant stop by Carvalho kept the score respectable (ish!).

Carlo Ancelotti was not happy but is sure Chelsea will be ready in time to face Man Utd in the Community Shield. “We are disappointed because we lost this game,” he said. “It was a good game. Frankfurt played good football and we tried to do our best but it was difficult because the pitch was not good and we are not used to this sort of ball. It is very difficult to play with this type of ball.”

He changed the team a lot, but he is aware that the squad is far from fit yet: “That was their first game, obviously they had their problems but this is normal.

“They needed to play 45 minutes, the next game they will play more. They will be ready when the start of the season comes.”

They certainly need to improve on that showing!

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