England v Algeria extended World Cup highlights – England get worse!

After Englands lacklustre performance against the USA, it was thought that they could only get better, but in fact they have got decidedly worse!

Why should such big stars suddenly be overtaken by nerves to such a degree? Rooney couldn’t even pass the ball, never mind shoot at goal. Lampard only managed to gve the ball away when he even got into the game, and the rest of the team wasn’t much better.

Captain Steven Gerrard said after the game: “I’m not at all happy with the performance. We want to stay in the tournament but if we want to do that we need to improve.

“We now know the job we have to do. We have to beat Slovenia in our last game.

“We weren’t aggressive enough, we gave the ball away too cheaply and we didn’t win it back quickly enough.

“I don’t know why. I’ll have to look at it again.

“Yes, there is pressure. But to play at this level you have to be able to handle the pressure.

“We have to give them credit. This was their World Cup final.”

They now have to win their last game to progress, but as Slovenia are now top of the group it is hardly going to be easy. Another performance like yesterdays and England will be on the plane home. And Capello will be severely criticized for his team selections (especially Heskey lol!)

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