England v Germany extended World Cup highlights

England had looked very unimpressive in the group stages, while Germany easily won their group, but for some crazy reason the English were favourites to win this game.

They were destroyed! Okay they may go on about the goal that was disallowed, but they had conceded two goals in the first half-hour, and conceded another two after the England “goal”.

The England coach Fabio Capello blamed tiredness on the teams lacklustre performances.

He said: “All the English players were really tired at this competition.

“I spoke with the coaches and they all told me the physical and mental situation of the players was not like the players we know.

“The players that played were at their best during qualification and in the autumn period.

“All the players were not as good as I know they are because they played not as fast and quick like in the other games.

“I can see seven games from Egypt, Mexico, Japan, the friendly game (with Platinum Stars), the World Cup games, where we played well at moments but not so fast as I can remember.

“I learnt a lot from this tournament. The players trained very hard and were very focused every time – but the performances were not the level I know.

“Probably they are really tired every time we play a competition in June.”

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    30-minute “highlights”???

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