England v United States extended World Cup Highlights

England came into their first World Cup fixture as hot favourites against USA, and when the new England captain Steven Gerrard put them 1-0 after just four minutes it looked like they were going to cruise into the knockout rounds.

But although England pressed and pressed, they couldn’t find a way past Tim Howard in the USA goal, but that was mostly due to ineffective shooting rather than any special skills from the ex-Man Utd keeper.

Every shot seemed to be aimed straight at him, and the worst culprit was Emile Heskey who was in one-on-one but shot straight at Howards body. Heskey seems like a frightened rabbit in front of goal nowadays…

But his miss will be forgotten as the world will concentrate on the amazing gift of a goal from Robert Green in the England net. Clint Dempsey tried a speculative shot from 25 yards out, and the West Ham keeper seemed to be about to grab it comfortably, but somehow managed to let it bounce off his hands and roll into the net, with Green comically scrambling after it.

England never seemed to recover and neither team could get a hold of the initiative after that and the game petered out, with both teams happy with a point in the end.

Anyway, for those who missed it, here is a very extended version of the highlights. Enjoy!

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